Purchase broker

You have made up your mind; you’re going to buy a house. When buying a house it is important that you ask help from one of our buying brokers in Zwolle. After all, you don’t buy a house every day. A buying agent helps and supports you with the purchase of a house. The difference with a sales agent is that he will support you in selling your house.

De Graaf van Vilsteren Garantiemakelaars can be a buying agent for one client and a selling agent for another client, but they are never both buying and selling brokers for one property. The NVM Code of Honour does not allow this, of course in order to avoid conflicts of interest. A Garantiemakelaar therefore always looks after the interests of the customer. With our purchase brokers you have your own purchase advisor and someone who negotiates on the basis of your interests as a buyer.

Purchasing agent and the four phases

Buying a house at De Graaf van Vilsteren Garantiemakelaars consists of four different phases:

  • Phase 1: Preparation & search
  • Phase 2: Viewing & comparing
  • Phase 3: Research & negotiation
  • Phase 4: Transfer & after sales

Phase 1: Preparation & search
We will briefly explain these four purchase phases to you below. First of all, you will search for your favorite property. And as you probably know, it’s not always easy. That’s why we’ll be happy to help you find your favorite house. Our buying agent will be happy to work with you to make a selection of properties, so that you can then view them.

Phase 2: Viewing & comparing
If you don’t have time during the day, we also offer you the possibility to view the properties in the evening or on Saturday together with our buying agent. This way we can be sure that there is always a moment when you can view your (future) home.

Phase 3: Research & negotiation
If you are really interested in a house, we would like to know more about the house. That’s why your buying agent conducts an extensive investigation into the property and, if necessary, your buying agent consults the land register and/or has a technical inspection carried out. If everything meets your and our requirements, you will come very close to buying a house. All that remains to be done is to negotiate the asking price. Your buying agent has a realistic view on the asking price. Thanks to his extensive experience, your buying agent knows how to get the best out of the negotiations.

Phase 4: Transfer & after sales
When you have bought your dream home, the buying agent focuses on a correct and smooth handling. So that the delivery, transfer and legal settlement run smoothly. He draws up the purchase contract or checks the document if the selling real estate agent has drawn it up. Your Garantiemakelaar will only be satisfied with the purchase if you are also satisfied. This means that your Garantiemakelaar is ready for you even after the purchase of your home.