Rent a house in Zwolle

Are you looking for a rental home in Zwolle? Then you have come to the right place. You can easily find the houses we rent out on our website. We are happy to help you with your search. With a viewing, additional information or the active search for rental properties in Zwolle, De Graaf van Vilsteren Garantiemakelaars is your ideal partner. Call us today for an appointment.


Looking for the ideal rental property in Zwolle

A rental property can be interesting for several reasons. You are looking for a temporary stay in Zwolle. You may not have the means to buy a house at the moment. Whatever the reason, De Graaf van Vilsteren Garantiemakelaars will be happy to help you. There are several advantages to renting. You have no extra costs for maintenance, an up-to-date house and security.

A Garantiemakelaar for your rental property in Zwolle and surroundings

Where does the search for a rental property in Zwolle start? You may already have an interesting house in mind. It’s a good idea to ask a Garantiemakelaars for help. De Graaf van Vilsteren Garantiemakelaars dares to give guarantees and is therefore allowed to call himself a Garantiemakelaar. This gives you much more certainty. For example, we are available 24/7 if you have a question. We can arrange a viewing on Saturday or in the evening hours for you. And we are also there for you after you have signed the lease. No surprises afterwards. Choose security and go for De Graaf van Vilsteren Garantiemakelaars.

Renting a house for at least one year

A rental property is usually for at least 1 year. Exceptions can be made to this rule. But 1 year is the rule rather than the exception. Although many people think that the rent increases every year, this does not have to be the case. Under pressure from owner-occupied houses, rent adjustments have remained extremely limited in recent years. This relates mainly to investor housing. This is often an adjustment that is limited to the inflation rate. More questions about renting can be found on our page with frequently asked questions.

Offer your house for rent in Zwolle

Also if you want to offer a rental property in Zwolle we can help you. De Graaf van Vilsteren Garantiemakelaars has been a household name in Zwolle for years. We are a member of the trade association for brokers, the NVM. With a team of experienced professionals, our employees are always ready for you. We believe in clear and unambiguous agreements. Together we choose a strategy and make agreements about the working method and costs. So you always know where you stand. In addition, a Garantiemakelaar dares to give guarantees. This gives you the certainty you deserve when renting or letting in Zwolle.